About Us


LA Auto Consulting, your negotiation team working only for you, not the dealer!

Who are we?

Leon Broussard III is the owner of L.A. Auto Consulting and has been in business for thirty years.

Our team-members have worked in dealerships before as sales representatives and managers in both sales and finance. Our team-members know first-hand the insides of this cutthroat industry.

How are we different?

Lexus 600hL-580-90 (1)Second to your own home, your car is probably your next largest purchase. When you’re in the market to buy a home, you usually entrust a real-estate agent to handle the home-buying process. The real estate agent works hard to find you the right home for you and your family.

Think of us as your car-buying agents. We help you choose your next car. Whether you are in the market for new or used or a purchase or lease, we help you by giving you expert tips, advice, and by helping you find your preferred make, model, color, plus any other additional options and features you may desire.

L.A. Auto Consulting also helps you locate the best financing options available on a purchase or lease.

Find answers to your car questions.


We can give you a range of answers from basic car buying information to the latest car technology and everything in between.

Send one of our automotive experts an e-mail with your specific question or questions. Our representative will reply back no later than one business day. In addition, you will have the contact information for our representative so that you can follow up with any additional questions so you that you can receive the right guidance in making your next car purchase..

We’re on your side!

L.A. Auto Consulting is not endorsed by any car manufacturer or dealership. We are an independent firm whose objective is to make sure that you, the consumer, has the best access to information and deals on vehicles, regardless of your preferences.

Our mission in business is to make sure that we have satisfied customers who can feel confident and reassured that they are getting the best deal on their next car.

Most of our business comes from satisfied customers referring their friends and family to us. Because of this, it is in our best interest to work hard in providing the best customer service experience that we can deliver.